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Data protection responsibility Maria Harrauer Contact details Maria Harrauer Niederndorfstrasse 7 A-3253 Erlauf 0043 664 1340023 0043 676 9248700 Data processing purposes If   you   contact   us   via   the   form   on   the   website   or   by   e-mail,   your   data   will   be   stored   for   six   months   for   the   purpose   of   processing   your   enquiry   and   in   the   event   of   follow-up questions.   We   will   not   pass   on   this   data   without   your   consent.         Any   provision   of   data   to   a   sub-processor   is   based   on   an   adequacy   finding   of   the   European   Commission (self-certification Privacy Shield). Analysis purposes In addition, data is collected and used for analysis purposes. This data processing is not person-related (see information on cookies below). Webshop For   the   purpose   of   an   easier   shopping   process   and   for   later   contract   processing,   the   following   data   is   collected   -   if   this   website   offers   a   web   shop:   Title,   name,   address, telephone   number,   e-mail   address,   company   name,   VAT   no.,   order   date,   order   number,   payment   method,   shipping   method,   product   range,   costs.   Furthermore,   session cookies can be used to simplify the purchasing process. The data processed in the session cookie does not contain any personal reference. The   data   provided   by   you   is   necessary   for   the   fulfilment   of   the   contract   or   for   the   implementation   of   pre-contractual   measures.   Without   this   data   we   cannot   conclude   the contract   with   you.   There   is   no   data   transfer   to   third   parties,   with   the   exception   of   the   transfer   of   credit   card   data   to   the   processing   bank   institutes/payment   service   providers for   the   purpose   of   debiting   the   purchase   price,   to   the   transport   company/forwarding   agent   commissioned   by   us   for   the   delivery   of   the   goods   and   to   our   tax   advisor   for   the fulfilment of our tax obligations. After   the   purchase   process   is   aborted,   the   data   entered   by   the   user   will   be   stored   for   at   least   four   weeks   and   then   deleted.   In   the   event   of   a   contract   being   concluded,   all data   from   the   contractual   relationship   will   be   stored   for   the   duration   of   the   contractual   relationship   as   well   as   beyond   that,   as   long   as   legal   claims   can   be   derived   from   this, and then deleted, unless there are storage obligations going beyond this (e.g. tax law obligations). Registration During   registration,   the   user's   e-mail   address   and   a   password   are   stored.   If   a   purchase   is   subsequently   made,   the   e-mail   address   is   linked   to   the   data   collected   during   the purchase   process.   The   data   provided   by   you   is   required   to   set   up   the   user   account.   The   data   processing   is   carried   out   for   the   duration   of   the   existence   of   the   user   account. If the user account is deleted, the e-mail address and password as well as the link to the data of the purchase process will be deleted. IT Security When   you   visit   this   website,   log   files   are   also   stored   which   contain   the   IP   address   and   other   data   relating   to   access   to   the   website   (e.g.   date,   time,   user   agent,   referrer). Data   processing   is   carried   out   for   a   limited   period   of   time   (maximum   seven   days)   and   only   to   protect   against   DDOS   attacks   or   other   interventions   in   the   functionality   of   the website and any underlying database systems. Product reviews When   a   product   review   is   submitted,   the   following   data   is   determined   and   published:   user   name,   comment,   number   of   stars   awarded.   This   is   done   for   the   purpose   of publishing   the   data   for   a   specific   product.   The   data   you   provide   is   required   for   the   publication   of   the   rating.   The   data   is   processed   for   the   duration   of   the   publication. Deletions are possible by sending an e-mail to Information about cookies This website uses so-called cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your end device with the help of the browser. They do not cause any damage. So-called   session   cookies   are   used   on   this   site. These   are   generated   when   you   call   up   the   website   and   are   automatically   deleted   again. They   are   used   for   recognition   if   you call up the same website again within a short period of time in order to take into account previously made settings again. No personal data will be stored or processed. Cookies   have   the   purpose   of   making   the   website   offer   user-friendly.   Some   cookies   remain   stored   on   your   end   device   until   you   delete   them.   They   enable   the   website operator   to   recognize   your   browser   the   next   time   you   visit   the   website.   If   you   do   not   wish   this,   you   can   set   up   your   browser   so   that   it   informs   you   about   the   setting   of   cookies and you only allow this in individual cases. If you deactivate cookies, however, the functionality of the website may be limited. Web analysis service Google (Google Analytics) This   website   uses   functions   of   the   web   analysis   service   Google Analytics. The   provider   is   Google   Inc,   1600 Amphitheatre   Parkway   Mountain   View,   CA   94043,   USA.   We   use the   function   "Activation   of   IP   anonymization"   on   this   website.   This   means   that   your   IP   address   will   be   shortened   by   Google   within   member   states   of   the   European   Union   or in   other   contracting   states   of   the   Agreement   on   the   European   Economic   Area   before   processing/storage.   On   behalf   of   the   operator   of   this   website,   Google   will   use   this information   to   evaluate   your   use   of   the   website,   to   compile   reports   on   website   activities,   to   measure   the   campaign   performance   of   online   advertising   for   analysis   and optimization purposes. The   processed   data   includes   in   particular   online   identifiers   (including   cookie   identifiers),   Internet   protocol   addresses,   device   identifiers,   location   data,   identifiers   assigned   by the   customer   and   user   data   (in   particular   time   and   duration   of   access,   selection   of   specific   offers,   etc.).   More   information   on   the   handling   of   user   data   at   Google   Analytics can be found in the Google privacy policy, available at You   can   prevent   the   collection   of   data   generated   by   the   cookie   and   related   to   your   use   of   the   website   to   Google   and   the   processing   of   this   data   by   Google   by   downloading and installing the browser plugin available at the following link: Click here to disable Google Analytics for this website on your currently used browser. When   using   Google Analytics,   the   relationship   with   the   web   analysis   provider   is   based   on   commissioned   data   processing.   The   transfer   of   data   to   the   processor   is   based   on an adequacy decision of the European Commission (self-certification Privacy Shield). The data is deleted regularly (currently every 26 months). Use of Google Adwords Conversion Tracking This   website   uses   the   online   advertising   program   "Google AdWords"   and   within   the   framework   of   Google AdWords   the   conversion   tracking.   Google   Conversion   Tracking   is an   analysis   service   of   Google   Inc.   (1600   Amphitheatre   Parkway,   Mountain   View,   CA   94043,   USA;   "Google").   When   you   click   on   an   ad   placed   by   Google,   a   conversion tracking   cookie   is   placed   on   your   computer.   These   cookies   expire   after   a   maximum   of   90   days.   If   you   visit   certain   pages   on   our   website   and   the   cookie   has   not   expired, Google   and   the   website   operator   may   recognize   that   you   clicked   on   the   ad   and   were   directed   to   that   page.   The   information   collected   by   the   conversion   cookie   is   used   to compile   conversion   statistics. The   information   collected   by   the   conversion   cookie   is   used   to   create   conversion   statistics,   which   tells   the   Site   Owner   the   total   number   of   users who   have   clicked   on   an   ad   and   been   redirected   to   a   page   with   a   conversion   tracking   tag   and/or   performed   various   actions   on   the   page.   However,   the   Website   Operator does   not   receive   any   information   that   can   be   used   to   identify   users   personally.   If   you   do   not   wish   to   participate   in   the   tracking,   you   can   object   to   this   use   by   preventing   the installation   of   cookies   through   a   corresponding   setting   in   your   browser   software   (deactivation   option).   You   will   then   not   be   included   in   the   conversion   tracking   statistics. Further information as well as the Google privacy policy can be found at:, The   relationship   with   the   web   analysis   provider   is   based   on   commissioned   data   processing   when   using   Google   Adwords   conversion   tracking.   The   transfer   of   data   to   the commissioned   processor   is   based   on   an   adequacy   decision   of   the   European   Commission   (self-certification   Privacy   Shield).   Google   is   also   obliged   to   delete   the   data regularly (currently every 39 months). Social media If   Facebook   Social   Plugins   are   used   on   this   website,   they   are   used   by   Facebook   Inc.   (1   Hacker   Way,   Menlo   Park,   California   94025,   USA).   The   integration   can   be recognized   by   the   Facebook   logo   or   by   the   terms   "Like",   "Like",   "Like",   "Share"   in   the   colors   Facebooks   (blue   and   white).   Information   on   all   Facebook   plugins   can   be   found in the following link: The   plugins   are   only   activated   when   you   click   on   the   corresponding   buttons.   If   they   are   grayed   out,   the   plugins   are   inactive. You   have   the   option   of   activating   the   plug-ins   on each visit. The   plugins   establish   a   direct   connection   between   your   browser   and   the   Facebook   servers.   This   only   takes   place   after   the   plugin   has   been   activated.   The   website   operator has    no    influence    on    the    nature    and    scope    of    the    data    that    the    plugin    transmits    to    the    Facebook    Inc.    servers.    You    can    find    information    about    this    here: The   plugin   informs   Facebook   Inc.   that   you   have   visited   this   website   as   a   user.   It   is   possible   that   your   IP   address   will   be   saved.   If   you   are   logged   in   to   your   Facebook account during your visit to this website, the aforementioned information is linked to this account. Legal basis for data processing On the website, data is processed exclusively on the basis of the legal provisions (DSGVO, TKG 2003). The data processing (webshop, product evaluations, booking tool and user account) is based on Art 6 Paragraph 1 lit. b) (contract fulfilment purposes) DSGVO. If   analysis   tools   are   used,   the   data   is   used   on   the   basis   of Art   6   Paragraph   1   lit.   f)   (legitimate   interest)   DSGVO.   The   legitimate   interest   in   the   use   of   data   is   the   improvement of the web presence and the measurement of the success of online advertising. The   use   of   IT   data   security   measures   is   also   based   on Art   6   Paragraph   1   lit   f)   (legitimate   interest)   DSGVO.   The   legitimate   interest   in   the   use   of   data   is   the   safeguarding   of one's own IT systems. The   use   of   social   media   plug-ins   is   subject   to   consent.   The   legal   basis   is   therefore   Art.   6   para.   1   lit   a)   DSGVO.   Consent   must   be   given   again   each   time   the   website   is accessed. Your rights In   principle,   you   are   entitled   to   the   rights   of   information,   correction,   deletion,   restriction   of   processing,   data   transferability,   revocation   and   objection.   If   you   believe   that   the processing   of   your   data   violates   data   protection   law   or   that   your   data   protection   rights   have   otherwise   been   violated   in   any   way,   you   can   complain   to   the   supervisory authority. In Austria this is the data protection authority.